Shadow Hunter : Lost World MOD APK (Diamonds) Android


 Shadow Hunter : Lost World MOD APK (Diamonds) Android


No-nonsense Hack'n Slash Action-RPG. 

The should attempt game for any genuine hack and cut fan who previously got exhausted with just thoughtlessly crushing catches on the screen. 

Shadow tracker is an activity stuffed dull dream hack and cut game with an inconceivable battle framework and magnificent manager battles, helped by an exceptional character control instrument and an ideal blend of RPG components to make your experience excessively vivid. 


As the human world got attacked and obliterated by the swarm of dim devils and shadow beasts, everything was shrouded in the murkiness of damnation and the consistent horrendous commotions that were the blend of the interminable shout from those wrongs and the crying and grieving of the fortunate not many that figure out how to make due through this bad dream. 

The player will be a Shadow Hunter in this world, which is somebody who got favored by the Ancient One with an exceptional ability to ward off those dim evil spirits. 

Through endless fights and snags, shadow trackers are bound to take the light back to this human world. 


Shadow Hunter's most energizing minutes should be it's epic supervisor fight, in which the Hunters should overcome dull goliath devils to gather their spirits and advance to the haziest prison and the most noteworthy floor of the shrewd pinnacle. 

Without a good arrangement of gear and exceptionally prepared procedures, any player could undoubtedly get destroyed by those enormous supervisors. 

In any case, the inconceivable sentiments that players get from effectively defeating those difficulties will make it all awesome. 

Moreover, those dull evil spirit spirits are the way to overhaul many shadow hardware and weapons, diverting them from simply a typical fighter sword to an unbelievable saint's edge that would be loved by the ages to come. 


Shadow Hunter will have 4+ distinctive PVE segments with various trouble modes and a PVP field for players to investigate and overcome. 

"Experience" is the place where players start the game with. It may not be the most difficult part, however it is the most fundamental area in the game since you need to continue to progress through it to open further areas of the game. 

Whenever you have passed a specific prison level, you can open "Raised area of the Darkness" , "Manager Mode" and "Clock Tower of Challenges". Those are the place where the genuine trial of ability and force occurs. For our shadow trackers to beat those difficulties, dominating the battling procedure is an unquestionable requirement, understanding the attributes of every evil presences and set up an appropriate methodology is required and reinforcing the shadow supplies is an enormous in addition to. 

Toward the day's end, shadow trackers can not just free the human world from those dim evil spirit yet in addition can test their abilities and authority against different colleagues of the shadow. 


Players will play as numerous various characters, each has its own interesting abilities, interactivity and resources. Each character will be a particular method to play the game, an unmistakable way to deal with the procedure and the battle. 


Exceptional hack and slice battle. 

Epic Boss Fights. 

Various characters to play. 

Many gear and weapons to plunder and overhaul. 

4+ PVE modes and PVP. 

Play whenever, anyplace in any event, when disconnected. 


– Update Map 3 

– Unlock level cap to 40 

– Claire is currently availble to be opened for nothing after complete Node 3-20 

– Revamp Garett range of abilities 

– Revamp Claire range of abilities 

– Buff Skill Orb framework 

– Add new managers to the Boss Mode 

– Add new component: Equipment Trial 

– Add new BGM 

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