Mobile Counter 2 | Data usage Premium 2.0 Unlocked Apk for Android



Mobile Counter 2 | Data usage Premium 2.0 Unlocked Apk for Android

Stay away from pointless expenses – no portable administrator offers totally limitless information utilization. This application can set aside your cash. Versatile Counter is the best information counter to screen and quantify your Internet traffic. The best and simplest approach to check your information utilization. Versatile Counter is viable with all suppliers and administrators on the world 

Commonsense answer for a restricted information volume. You can gauge your information bundle. 

The information counter have the ideal answer for control your Internet information use for portable associations and WiFi associations. Assists you with checking the all around burned-through and remaining information volume in the current charging period. 

Portable Counter shows the current utilization for restricted information on the advancement bar with a rate. Show of every day, month to month information use. Application can check your Internet speed for portable and remote associations 

Track your information use to get a good deal on bills – download application now. 

This is the equivalent application like Mobile Counter 3G, WiFi yet with material plan (new Android 5.0 format). 

Highlights of Mobile Counter application 

– Bandwidth screen for 2G, 3G, 4G (EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA,HSDPA+, LTE) 

– Monitor WiFi, GSM, CDMA information utilization 

– Internet Speed in warning 

– Tethering information traffic by means of WIFI 

– Mobile information tracker for Roaming 

– Hotspot information utilization – measure remote traffic for one SSID 

– Schedule plan (your restricted Internet information) for versatile traffic. Standard for plan is set with termination time. Adaptable arrangement if your Internet is restricted. Caution warning can be set off for different occasions like day by day utilization greater than some worth, plan information not exactly designed worth, left days to design termination not exactly characterized worth and significantly more. Each caution can work discrete, so you can characterize a few alert notices in application. 

– Data utilization for applications 

– Billing cycle setup for portable and remote information use 

– Widgets for plan information utilization, portable and remote traffic 

– Notifications (support Wear gadgets) 

– Track authentic utilization 

– Alerts for plan information limits 

– Real time traffic screen (show speed for download and transfer moves) 

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