Covid-19: smartphones of the future would be able to detect the virus


 The smartphones of the future could carry detectors capable of detecting the Covid-19. Researchers are in fact working on tiny sensors able to detect the presence of nanoparticles relating to the coronavirus. This miniature technology is designed to be easily integrated into mobile phones.

Searchers from General Electric, an American conglomerate, have just received a large 24-month grant from the National Institute of Health, an institution of the United States government. As part of the RADx-rad program, scientists from General Electric will develop miniature sensors capable of detecting the presence of nanoparticles on a large number of surfaces.

These sensors will constantly monitor whether particles linked to Covid-19 are lying around on everyday surfaces. “We all come into contact with different surfaces over the course of a day, such as computer screens, conference tables, kiosks at the airport and, of course, credit card dispensers in stores during our races. We want to add an extra layer of security by being able to detect the presence of the virus,”says Radislav Potyrailo, the researcher in charge of the project.

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